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"I just tried the Scanner and I have to tell you that it's not bad at all. I just took 7 Trades and they are all winners, 20 pips each, that's 140 pips total. Unbelievable!!!! "
- William B.
"With the scanner I was able to make 42 pips while I was working. Without the scanner I could never trade while I was working. With the scanner bringing setups to my attention I take a minute or two and decide to take the trade or not then I am back to work. The Scanner has changed the way I trade."
- C. B.
"The Norwood Strategy Scanner is an amazing tool... I have been using the scanner for a couple of weeks and last week I made more pips in one week than I had made in prior months."
- Eric V.
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Why You Need The Norwood Strategy Scanner:
Easily Find and Trade With The Trend
One of the biggest advantages in trading is to know which way the trend of the market is going.

There are two time frames that are more important in finding the trend than all the rest. They are the Day and 4-hour time frames. 

The key is to verify that the Day and the 4-hour trends are going in the same direction. Then time your entry on a smaller time frame like the 1-Hour, 30-Minute, or the 15-Minute time frame.

You can ask the scanner to show you the trend on all the time currencies that are ready to make a move. When you get the scan signal you can then set strategies in the lower time frames to time your entry in the direction of a larger trend.

This will save you time and frustration in finding good trades.
10x More Trades Brought To Your Attention
If you are finding 2 to 3 good trades a week, just think what you can do with 20 to 30 good potential trades to choose from! 

Now you can take the best-of-the-best trades on currencies that are actually making the move.  

Even if you only doubled the number of trades you take during a week the potential is that you would more than double your pips. 

The trades you take will most likely result in a larger pip count than those you find on your own because the scanner is doing the work and you just take the best trades that it brings to your attention.
The Benefits
Become a better trader faster...The scanner will show you what a good trade setup looks like. 

The Norwood Strategy Scanner makes trading more enjoyable and more profitable by allowing you to spend less time in front of the computer while making more profitable trades. 

Trade more efficiently and effectively and enjoy the fruits of your trading labor.
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How The Scanner Works
Example "High Probability" Trading Strategy
More Testimonials:
"I have been using the scanner for a couple of weeks and last week I made more pips in one week than I had made in prior months. The scanner has helped me be more patient and not take trades that don't meet my criteria."
- Mike V.
"Because of the scanner I have netted over 100 pips for the day. Not because I'm such a great trader. But because of the scanner. Thanks again Kirk."
- Kenneth D.
"With the scanner I was able to use one of the long term strategies and increase my account by 5% in two days. I know this is only two days but what if I only do half that amount for the rest of the month!"
- C. B.
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