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The scanner will be on a MT4 platform by itself.
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The Norwood Strategy Scanner

What is it and why is it so powerful?

While alerts show you one set up on one time frame... then you have to do the rest of the work.

The Strategy Scanner goes through all the searching for you then brings all the high probability trade to your attention.

The scanner filters through 2 to 4 time frames and brings a high probability scan to your attention when the setup is right. It does what you would have to do to find good trades. Yet the scanner does it in less time and with 10 times the volume of good trades than what you could find by your own efforts.

There are Strategies for every type of trader:

  • Long term
  • Mid term
  • Short term

The Scanner is very customizable:

  • It is good form the day down to the one minute time frames.
  • You can ask it to give you the direction of the trend on the Day and 4 hour time frames so you know to only take trades in the direction of these long term time frames.
  • You can set it so you only will receive signals on specific pairs with specific strategies.
  • You can attach it to additional trading platforms.
  • You can use one trading platform for long term scans and set it to send scans to your phone.
  • You can use another trading platform for short term trading for when you are in front of your computer and only have it give you the pop up box.

We are seeing more exciting uses for the scanner than we thought possible.

  • You can set it to help you track currencies pairs you have on your watch list.
  • You can set it to bring a trade to your attention when the trade is coming out of a retracement. Giving you the best possible entry to continue trading a trend.
  • It will help you spot what a good trade setup is, thus you will become a better trader faster.
  • You will have many more trades brought to your attention than you can possible take.

Watch these two short videos and find out more about the power of the Norwood Strategy Scanner.

Read what traders are saying about their experience with the Scanner.


This is only after having scanner 1 day.

Hello Jed,

I just tried the Scanner and I have to tell you that it's not bad at all. I just took 7 Trades and they are all winners, 20 pips each, that's 140 pips total. Unbelievable!!!! Thanks guys, I have not yet mastered how to use it. There are a lot of videos i will have to watch. And am sure when I master the scanner's strategies, more wins will come.

Please don't forget to send the rest of the files. Will be waiting. I'll try and raise my account, so that I'll buy all the other courses.

Thanks a million, CHEERS!

William B

With the scanner I was able to make 42 pips while I was working. Without the scanner I could never trade while I was working. With the scanner bringing setup to my attention I take a minute or two and decide to take the trade or not then I am back to work. The Scanner has changed the way I trade.

Thanks guys for a time saving tool.


Norwood Strategy Scanner 11-14-16

The Norwood Strategy Scanner is an amazing tool. It brings together all of the strategies that I have learned from FSS. Instead of having to manually search for trades, the trades are brought to my attention by the scanner and I can decide on whether or not to take that trade. I have been using the scanner for a couple of weeks and last week I made more pips in one week than I had made in prior months. The scanner has helped me be more patient and not take trades that don't meet my criteria. I am really excited about the results I've been getting and at how much my trading record has improved. I not only use the scanner, but have taken all the course material and have even had some coaching. The scanner brings it all together and makes trading so much easier and less stressful. I fully recommend this product to anyone who trades Forex. It is a great tool to have.

Mike V


Thanks foe the setups and the info you keep sending. It's been of great help to me. It's just amazing.

Making pips has now become very easy. Thanks for the Scanner. It's just great and unbelievable.


I managed to do quite well yesterday with my trading using the new scanner. The scanner and the strategies have also helped me to understand better what I should be looking for in my trading. Thanks for putting this together and making it available.

Erick V


I am not the greatest trader. But I have paid for the scanner over twice. In one week.

Thanks to your scanner I just closed a trade for about 70 pips on the GBPNZD. I received a BLS on the H1. Entered on the M15. Right after the 50 pip club closed. But the scanner brought it to my attention. Because of the scanner I have netted over 100 pips for the day. Not because I'm such a great trader. But because of the scanner. Thanks again Kirk.

Kenneth D

If you want to see the Norwood Strategy Scanner in action send an email to:


and ask for a free pass to attend the 50 Pip Club