Forex Made Easy

Forex made easy is a good catch phrase.  If it were easy every one could do it.  Another way of saying it would be forex made possible if you get a lot of training and education in the market.  With the Forex Made Easy software you get two lines that look like moving averages but you are told that they are not moving averages but some mystical indicator that gives you the crosses and flow of the market.  There are also red and green arrows to give you buying and selling strength.  When several of the arrows in different time frames all turn the same color this indicates that a trade should be entered.

This all sounds good but it is only one indicator.  You need at least two indicators to confirm a move to increase the chances of a high probability trade.  It takes some time looking at the charts and arrows to figure out when to attempt a trade.

The two lines seem to be lagging indicators.  When looking at these red and green lines they seem to lag when you look at the actual price of the market.  The candle sticks and bars have made a move but the lines are just starting to cross when the price comes back against the trade.  This gives a breaded pattern which is a poor place to enter a trade.  When trying to construct the lines (by using two moving averages) on a candle stick chart you can get a better picture of what the market is actually doing.

When a trader can see the actual price along with the 4X Made Easy lines trading becomes much easier.  Then by getting another indicator to confirm the cross and direction of the trade you start to get a better picture of where to place your orders.

Forex Made Easy is a good introduction to the currency market but only a few have ever made any real money using this system only.  A complete trading system will have instructions about money management, risk management or how much to trade, when to enter a trade, when to close a trade, how to determine your win loss ratio, how to keep a trade journal, how to deal with trading emotions such as fear and greed.  There is more to trading than just having one indicator with some arrows that change colors to make a successful trader.

To really become a successful trader you need to be taught by someone that has been down the road a few times and understands all that a trader is going through.  It is not just about some indicators and excitement about some big event or news announcement.  Trading is about the trend, the momentum of the market, and knowing how the market works.  You need to know your trading style and what works best for you.  You need to learn who you are and how to find your strengths and weakness and then tap into your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses.

If you take the time to learn and practice trading and you have the desire to be successful in the foreign currency market–you can do it.  But it really is not easy BUT it is fun and worth the journey.

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