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The forex market is a fantastic trading instrument.  Some weeks it is trending big time,
other weeks it seems to be going sideways.  All you seem to be able to find are channels.

With our Launch Pad and Nth Degree trading systems we encourage traders to learn to
read the market using indicators.  This way they can trade any currency pair.  Using this
method of trading they trade the currency pairs that are moving on any give day.

Once traders understand how to read the market on the smaller time frames,
(30m, 15m, and 5m) they should move to the larger time frames, (daily, 4h, and 1h)
to make the big pips.  With the proper set of indicators the market can be read the
same way using any time frame.

When the market is trending the larger time frames are easy to trade.  When the daily
chart and 4 hour charts start to channel pips can be found by moving to the smaller
time frames. We can trade the market the same way just be flexible with the number
of pips we expect to get on each trade when you go to lower time frames then back
to larger time frames.

Some weeks I notice that I had to move to the 1hr as the larger time frame on some
pairs to get some pips. I am using the same strategy I use when using the daily charts
as my larger time frame.

This is all part of becoming a consistent successful trader.  This way of trading
becomes easier when you have other traders to talk to.  When you get more
eyes looking at the same thing it makes trading more fun and profitable.
If you want to trade with other successful traders on a consistent basis
check out http://www.forexstrategysecrets.com and sign up for our trading room.

To learn how to get started on an easy to follow step-by-step trading path in forex
and make more FX pips than you ever thought possible check out
http://www.forexstrategysecrets.com and try out our free Jump Start Trading strategy
to give you a taste of how to be a mechanical trader.  When you sign up for Jump Start
you will get one month access to our trading room where you can watch successful
traders trade. You will be able to learn from them and see how they make
100’s of FX pips a day and they are having fun doing it.

Kirk Norwood

Kirk Norwood

Forex & Futures Trader, Coach & Mentor. Learn about trading psychology, strategy & join others in our coaching programs to make your FX trading experience amazing!
Kirk Norwood



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