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We hear all the time that a trader should only trade one or two currencies.

We have found that a trader can trade multiple pairs and be successful.  In fact the success
is multiplied with more currency pairs.  Most of the time there are a few pairs moving so this
give the opportunity to have something to trade most of the time.  The key is to trade what
is moving on any given day.

Here are some of the ways we accomplish trading many pairs at once.

We trade with larger time frames…the day, 4h and 1hr
By trading the larger time frames you don’t have to worry about the small market ups and downs.
You can trade the larger trends where you will find the big pips

We use a trend alert letting us know which pairs are trending vs. channeling.
Our trend alert shows you which pairs are moving and when all the time frames are lined up
and going the same way.

We use alters that bring trades to our attention once they are trending.
We make a watch list and wait for signals to alert us to what is moving.  This makes it possible
to spend less time in front of the computer and make more pips in the process.

By learning to trade with alerts you can trade any currency.  You just need to trade the currency
pair that is moving so you will have something to trade most of the time.

Watch the video below and get a glimpse of how trading many pairs can be done.

The big money is made by both a lot of pips and big lots on multiple pairs.  Give it a try by following
our easy to follow step-by-step trading path in forex and make more FX pips than you ever thought
possible check out http://www.forexstrategysecrets.com and try out our free Jump Start Trading
strategy to give you a taste of how to be a mechanical trader.  When you sign up for Jump Start
you will get one month access to our trading room where you can watch successful traders trade.
You will be able to learn from them and see how they make 100’s of FX pips a day and they are
having fun doing it.

Kirk Norwood

Kirk Norwood

Forex & Futures Trader, Coach & Mentor. Learn about trading psychology, strategy & join others in our coaching programs to make your FX trading experience amazing!
Kirk Norwood



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